Sell your stuff at penny auctions

There are many ways to free some money that can be used when playing poker. One way is to sell some of your stuff on one of the many popular penny auctions that can be found on the internet. There are also sites where you can sell your stuff for a fixed price, e.g. $ 100.

So, what can you sell then? Basically anything, is the simple answer. There is a big interest for everything vintage these days, especially in Europe. This vintage trend is not only noticeable in the clothing domain, but also when it comes to biking. If you have vintage spare parts, like a hub or a crank set in a box somewhere in your home, you might be able to sell it to a European.

Europeans also love all kinds of sportswear with team names on them. It doesn’t matter if the team is known by anyone at all or not; as a matter of fact, the less known the team is, the better. So if you have a t-shirt or two from your school baseball team, sell them. You might actually make enough money for some more games in the process, and keep playing poker as the Lord intended you to.