Marginal Hands

card for pokerMarginal hands can make or break a player. Weak players will be whittled down by playing marginal hands poorly, or playing them when they shouldn’t. As a poker player who is determined to make money in sit and go tournaments, you need to learn how to fold. A mistake that can be said to be made by most players every now and then is not being able to fold or the failure to know how to fold. There are several key elements that come together to produce successful marginal play in sit and go tournaments.

Weighing the poker odds
The elements that are brought out include the playing time and predefined structure, the ability to multiply your fee when these factors are combined, superior knowledge of hand strength and position. If these elements are followed closely and carefully, you are bound to have an upper hand at any table that you sit at to play. You need to identify hands that can get you in trouble if you are to attain an acceptable win rate. You might officially be stacked if you happen to lose a big pot or win a small one. If it reaches such a point, then your options will be closing fast on you and this is the point when you need to take a drastic step. Desperate times call for desperate measures and it might not be too late to make a come back. To avoid all these problems, you need to avoid getting yourself in problems in the very beginning. You can be able to make best possible decisions if you follow some simple steps which are bound to turn around your game.

Make the most of position
There are good positions and bad positions when playing a game like Texas hold’ em. Therefore when sitting on a table, you should make sure that you sit on a good position. The best position of them all is when you are on the bottom. When you are on this position, you get to play last and therefore you get to see what everybody else has done before you play. The worst position that you can ever be at is the small blind. The hands that you are forced to play when you are on this position are hands that you would otherwise would not play if you had enough money. Taking advantage of position is key to successfully playing marginal hands.

Poker body language
You need to have a read on your opponents in order for you to choose what hand you are going to play next. The only way to get a read on your opponents is by being able to read their body language and other moves in order to know the most likely move that they are going to make. If you know what move they are going to make, then you are in a good position to now how you are going to counter it. The number of layers at the table is also another thing that will determine your outcome. Always note that the number of players at your table decreases or increases the strength of the hands that you are going to play.

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